Essentials of Oral Pathology PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

The book “Essentials of Oral Pathology” covers almost all the oral diseases along with its associated diseases. It is divided into twenty-three chapters to explain all aspects of oral diseases. It starts with the developmental anomalies of oral soft tissues including lip, palate, oral mucosa, jawbone, gingivae and tongues. There are different types of benign and malignant neoplasms associated with oral cavity including papilloma, keratoacanthoma and junctional nevus are explained. Oral precancerous lesions and conditions, diseases related to salivary glands, odontogenic neoplasms, cysts of the oral regions, regressive alterations of teeth, bacterial, viral and fungal infections, dental caries and dentin-pulp complex diseases are well explained along with the clinical feature, etiology and available treatment methods.

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