Genetics in Dentistry PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

Genetics is an all-pervading biological science with application in every branch of medicine. Dentistry is one of the major streams of medical science. It has grown tremendously contributing valuably and immensely to the development of modern medicine. Though the application of molecular understanding of dental diseases is in its nascent stage, the relevance of such a perspective is unquestionable. Though adequate literature is available on genetic correlations of dental disorders, it is hard to get a compilation having details of all major dental disorders and their genetic associations at one place. ‘Genetics in Dentistry’ is the first of its kind of effort that would enable students as well as practitioners to understand the nuances of genetics involved in dental practice. All dentistry related chapters have been extensively researched and referenced for better orientation of recent scientific advancement; helpful for post-graduate students writing the thesis. This book is divided into three sections: Section 1: Essentials of Human Genetics: This section deals with the basic concepts of genetics. It consists of 8 chapters including Mendel’s Laws of inheritance. Other chapters deal with cytogenetic and molecular genetics; patterns of inheritance and disorders of Genes and genetics of Immunity. This section also contains a chapter on “Molecular control of Development”. Section 2: Genetics in Dentistry: This section consists of 8 chapters and deals with the genetics of developmental disorders of teeth; genetics of craniofacial disorders and syndromes; genetics of cleft lip and cleft palate; genetics of dental caries; genetics of periodontitis, genetics of malocclusion. This section also contains a chapter on “Genetics of Cancer”. Section 3: Advancements in Genetics: This section contains two chapters, i.e. “Gene therapy in Dentistry” and “Techniques used in Genetics”.

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