Introducing Dental Implants 1st Edition PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

In recent years, dental implants have become a more common alternative to conventionally placed dentures, bridges and crowns. This accessible, well-illustrated introduction to the principles of implant dentistry provides readers coming into contact with implants for the first time with a working knowledge of the various implant systems available. Thorough discussions are also included on patient assessment and treatment planning, the use of implants in edentulous and partially edentulous patients and for single tooth restorations, as well as possible problems and maintenance procedures.
Concise and comprehensive discussions introduce readers to the range of different implant systems available.
Coverage includes implant treatment for the edentulous and partially edentulous patient, and single tooth restorations.
The complete process is described ― from patient assessment and treatment planning, to problems and maintenance procedures.
Chapter summaries include consideration of alternative treatment modalities, giving readers a more balanced view of the subject.
Colorful illustrations throughout each chapter add a dynamic component to the material.
Foreword by George Zarb, Professor and Head of Prosthodontics, University of Toronto.

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