Pedodontics Practice and Management by Gv Badrinatheswar PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

The book follows a sequential diagrammatic representation and enabling easier understanding of the principles and techniques involved in treating a child. More information on types, indicators and prevention of child abuse and forensic pedodontics, guidelines by American Academy of Pedodontics is of great value and information to students to students who do not hace access to leading pedodontics journals. An Excellent text. Deals will all aspects of pediatric dentistry from basics to the recent developments in child management. Covers unque topics like cariology, child abuse, normal and pathologic orodental and general health and behavior management of children. Includes forensic pedodontics, pediatric genetics and epidemiology in great detail. Presentations with striking layout and colorfull illustrations and photographs. Useful for undergraduates/postgraduate students and teachers as well as practicing dental surgeons.

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