Review of Endodontics and Operative Dentistry 1st Edition PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

Presents more than 300 topics in question answer forms previously asked in various universities over last 20 years. Contains 48 chapters divided into two sectionssection one: Endodontics and section two: Operative Dentistry. Includes ample tables and flow charts for better understanding of the subject. Also includes more than 150 number of well drawn illustrations for easy grasp of the subject. SECTION ONE: ENDODONTICS, 1. Introduction to Endodontics, 2. Pulp and Periapex, 3. Pathologies of Dental Pulp, 4. Pathologies of Periradicular Tissues, 5. Endodontic Microbiology, 6. Diagnostic Methods, 7. Case Selection and Treatment Planning, 8. Basic Endodontics Instruments, 9. Principles of Access Cavity Preparation, 10. Working Lenght Determination, 11. Root Canal Irrigants, 12. Root Canal Medicaments, 13. Cleaning and Shaping of Roots Canals, 14. Obturation of Root Canal, 15. Mid Treatment Flare-Ups, 16. Endodontic Emergencies, 17. Endodontic Mishaps, 18. Endodontic Failures and Retreatment, 19. Single Visit Endodontics, 20. Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth, 21. Surgical Endodontics, 22. Endodontic Periodontic Interrelationship, 23. Management of Dental Traumatic Injuries, 24. Bleaching of Discolored Teeth, 25. Dentin Hypersensitivity, 26. Pediatric Endodontics, 27. Introduction to Operative Dentistry, 28. Basic Concepts, 29. Dental Caries, 30. Dental Materials, 31. Fundamentals of Tooth Preparation, 32. Basic Instruments of Operative Dentistry, 33. The Operating Field, 34. Matrics, Retainers and Tooth Separation, 35. The Amalgam Restorations, 36. Pin Retained Restorations, 37. Concepts of Bondind, 38. Tooth-Colored Restorations, 39. Direct Filling Gold, 40. Cast Metal Restorations, 41. Restoration of Badly Decayed Posterior Teeth, 42. Management of Cervical and Noncarious Lesions, 43. Pulpal Response to Caries and Operative Procedures, 44. Interim Restorations, 45. Finishing and Polishing, 46. Microleakage, 47. Lasers in Dentistry, 48. Antibiotic Prophylaxis.

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