Step by Step Oral Radiology by Ram Kumar Srivastava PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

The book “Step by Step® Oral Radiology” elucidates the basic and practical knowledge in the field of dental radiography. It serves as a comprehensive guide for both undergraduate and postgraduate dental students. The book is divided into twenty seven different chapters dealing from the basic of radiography such as atomic structure, X-ray image characteristics, dose units, dosimetry and biological effects. Suitable diagrams and photographs are included with each and every topic for better understanding. Different radiographic techniques such as extraoral radiography, bitewing and occlusal radiography, cephalometric radiography, radiography of the temporomandibular joint and intraoral radiographs are dealt in detail. Benign and malignant tumors associated with jaws, bone related diseases and their radiographic appearances are covered. Cone beam CT, MRI, ultra sonography and scintigraphy are different types of digital imaging which uses electronic sensors for recording the penetration of X-ray photon. Dental caries, periodontal disease and developmental anomalies of teeth, radiolucent lesions of the jaws, radiopaque lesions in the jaws and facial skeleton are elucidated in this book.

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