Textbook of Preclinical Conservative Dentistry PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

Preclinical Conservative Dentistry has assumed a lot of significance with relevance to the rapid progress made in dental materials and instruments. Preclinical Conservative Dentistry has been introduced as a separate examination subject bearing in mind the importance it demands. This textbook forms the basis and backbone for a dental student for his future clinical training. It assumes greater importance in view of the fact that these fundamentals are to be properly imparted to the dental student. Operative dentistry is one of the oldest branches of dental sciences forming the central part of dentistry as practiced in primary care. It occupies the use of majority of dentist’s working life and is a key component of restorative dentistry. The subject and clinical practice of conservative dentistry continues to evolve rapidly as a result of improved understanding of etiology, prevention and management of common dental diseases. The advances and developments within the last two decades have drastically changed the scope of this subject. But before taking professional training, gathering basic knowledge along with operating skill is mandatory. The main objective of this book is to provide students with the knowledge required while they are developing necessary clinical skills and attitude in their undergraduate training in conservative dentistry and endodontics. We have tried to cover wide topics like morphology of teeth, cariology, different techniques, instruments and materials available for restorations of teeth along with the basics of endodontics. So we can say that after going through this book, the student should be able to: • Sit properly while operating and be able to organize their operating environment efficiently. Understand the morphology of teeth and differentiate one tooth from another. Chart teeth. Understand basics of cariology, its prevention and conservative management. Tell indications and contraindications of different dental materials. Apply modern pulp protective regimens. Select suitable restorative materials for restoration of teeth. Understand the basics of endodontic treatment like what are the indications of endodontic treatment, basic instruments, access preparation, biomechanical preparation and obturation of root canal system.

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