Tongue Lesions Diagnostic Challenges and Therapeutic Strategies PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

Covers all congenital and acquired tongue lesions
Describes the new techniques available for glossectomy and for reconstruction
Explores the recent trials on tongue transplantation

The book offers in a single resource the whole coverage of different diseases and lesions, congenital or acquired, of the tongue, along with a complete spectrum of surgical techniques that can be used to achieve the best functional and aesthetic results.

In addition to tongue embryology, surgical anatomy, histology and physiology, the book explores the differential diagnosis of congenital anomalies of the tongue and lingual lesions, as well as the most recent advances in surgical management (resection, reconstruction and surgical management of the neck in patients with tongue cancer).

The volume includes unique chapters about tongue replantation and tongue allo-transplantation.

Richly illustrated, this book provides an indispensable source of knowledge to all specialists and trainees entrusted with the care of patients suffering from tongue lesions.

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