Treatment Options for the Compromised Tooth A Decision Guide PDF Free Download (Direct Link)

It covers the cases about destal pad.

Case One
Hemisection of the distal root of tooth #19.

Case Two*
Hemisection of the distal root of tooth #30.

Treatment Considerations/Prognosis
Favorable Questionable Unfavorable
Remaining Coronal
Tooth Structure
Greater than 1.5 mm ferrule 1.0 to 1.5 mm ferrule Less than 1 mm ferrule
Crown Lengthening None needed If required will not
compromise the aesthetics
or periodontal condition
of adjacent teeth
Treatment required that
will affect the aesthetics
or further compromise the
osseous tissues (support) of
the adjacent teeth
Endodontic Treatment Routine endodontic
treatment or not required
due to previous treatment
Nonsurgical root canal
retreatment required prior
to root resection
Canal calcification, complex
canal and root morphology,
and isolation complicate an
ideal endodontic treatment

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