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Criteria of Eligibility for HAAD Exam for Medical Practitioners

Criteria of Eligibility for HAAD Exam for Medical Practitioners

In this Post we will Share Eligibility Criteria for HAAD Exam for Medical Practitioners.

To apply for licensure as a ‘Medical Practitioner’ to work in the private sector in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi you are required to demonstrate the following:

  •  You have successfully completed a Qualification of Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery.
  •  You have successfully completed a minimum of one years internship*
  •  Transcript of professional training – must include theory and clinical hours
  •  Practicing Professional License – valid and current from home country
  •  A certificate of ‘Good Standing’/ Registration or License from each country where you have been employed. If you worked in a country and for a government facility where you practiced on your ‘home license’ (e.g. Saudi Arabia) please ensure to submit certificate of employment in place of certificate of ‘good standing’
     Relevant Experience to the position:
    o Experience attached must cover the minimum requirements of the PQR**
    o Official Certificate of Service (COS) from an authorized person at health facility (must be from Human Resources / Medical Director)
    o COS must specify the position held and areas of practice.
    o COS must specify the employment period/duration
    o All COS must be clear and readable.
    o Date from (dd/mm/yyyy ) to (dd/mm/yyyy).
    o Experience must be in a substantive post (Volunteer work and training is not acceptable)
    o Experience is calculated from the date of home country registration
  • UAE MOH Evaluation/Licensure if applicable

Internship – Duration of the program must be one year (12 Calendar months at least):

  1. Internship which comprises of four months in medicine, four months in general surgery, four months in any other specialty.
  2. Internship which comprises of six months in medicine and six months in general surgery.
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You have gained relevant experience as follows:

  1. Medical Practitioner Graduate from the UAE are exempted from the two years
    experience post internship.
  2.  Experience in one specialty post internship is not acceptable. At least one year out of the two years required should be in general practice.
  3.  Medical Practitioner who has acquired a post graduate qualification, which would eventually entitle the candidate for evaluation as a specialist according to the PQR criteria, would substitute for the 2 years post internship (please note that this does not apply on the following post graduate qualifications: Pathology, Radiology, Anesthesia).
    Success in the oral examination will entitle the applicant to be licensed as a
    Medical Practitioner to work in his/her specialty under supervision of a
    Consultant or Specialist.

Please read discontinuation policy available on the Personal Qualification Requirement (PQR) Page 9:

Once the above mentioned documents (Clear and Readable) are completed, please
submit the request to Health Professional Customer Service Desk, Health Authority –
Abu Dhabi , Head Office from 07:30 to 2:30 pm daily

Upon receiving and accepting all the above required documentation, we will start
processing your application. All applicants need to follow-up the status of their
application within 2 weeks from the date of submission.

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