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Past Papers of DHA Exam PDF Download (2014 upto Date) [Largest Collection] (File 2)

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Past Papers of DHA Exam PDF Download (2014 upto Date) [Largest Collection] (File 2)

Are you looking for Past Papers of DHA Exam, we have the biggest collection of it in PDF.


Few of questions are given here :

1) 17 years old , she missed her second dose of varicella vaccine the first about 1 y ago
what you'll do:
a- give her the second dose only
b- start fresh regime..
c- no need
d- give 2 doses once.

2: 28 years old diabetic female who is married and wants to become pregnant. her blood
glucose is well controlled and she is asking about when she must control her metabolic state to decrease risk of having congenital anomalies:
a- Before conception
b- In first trimester
c- 2nd trimester
d- 3rd trimester

3: Pt. with small bowel obstruction scenario with operation on small intestine before 1
year what is the most diagnostic methods:
a. U/S
b. Barium enema
c. Double contrast barium meal
d. Small bowel barium follow through

4: Pt came with complain of leg pain...o/e leg pale and non tender,,,peripheral pulses weak...there is congestion when legs placed in dependent position...whats the most probable diagnoses
a-venous insufficiency
c-chronic arterial insufficiency

5: Female young pt came with hx of recurrent headache experiencing twice a week more around the forehead and occipit....whats the probable diagnoses
b-tension headache
c-cluster headache
d-trigeminal neuralgia

6: The routine dosage of varicella vaccination for an adult is?
a-two doses 4 weeks apart
b-two doses 6 weeks apart
c-three doses three weeks apart
d-two doses two months a part

7: A scd child treated in emergency ...whats the necessary precaution to be taken other than this treatment?
c-prophylactic penicillin

8: What is the most common fungal infection in a poor controlled diabetic lady?

9: When assessing hearing in adolescent, you use which of the following?
a-ticking watch
b-recorded sound of a dog
c-recorded sound of music
d-sound of page flip

10: Female pt with a BMI of 28....complains of headache ...on examination B/P
158/92. What IS the most important factor responsible for this elevated B.P?
a-high salt intake
b-water intake

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