How to Pass Australian Dental Council Preliminary Exam – Comprehensive Guidelines

How to Pass Australian Dental Council Preliminary Exam – Comprehensive Guidelines

Here we are sharing you the Guidelines which will Help you to Clear your Exam of Australian Dental Council Exam.


1)            Past papers (V.v.v Imp)
2)            1000 mcqs
3)            Boucher mcqs
4)            Cawson mcqs (Perio,surgery and ortho are must do)
5)            Therapeutic guidelines

Self priority (if u want to):

1) Odell clinical problem solving (recommended)
2) Master dentistry (if you have not read other recommended books for each subject individually, preferred for perio and sedation topics)
3)  Oxford handbook (I never did a word from this)

4)  ENDO :-
 ( some chaps are must do if u don’t read all of it. chap 2,4,7,10)
(B) Grossman  (I did all of it)
(C) Paul Abbot is good book too.

5)  PEDO:-
Cameron pedodontics
 (some chaps are must do if u don’t read all of it. (Chap2,3,4,5,6,7,9,10,11)

6)  Operative: –
(A) sturdevant art and science ( general introduction to tooth , dentinal pins , class1 and 2 amalgam and composite)
(B) Summit and Schwartz (FOD) (Post and core, aesthetic dentistry, class 1 and 2 composite        restoration, bleaching)
(C) Mount & Hume (caries, restorative materials)

7)  Dental materials :-
Philips or McCabe
 ( gold and base metal alloys, only basics , properties of   materials stress , strain etc.. base and liners.. impression materials)

8) Prosthodontics :-
(A) RPD, Dalhousie
 university manual for rpd
(B) McCracken, (components of RPD, surveying)

(C) FPD (BDJ 13 articles)
(D) CD (important topics from any good standard textbook, I did from zarb, Boucher

9)  TG covers paper 3 mostly. Do it at least 3 times before exam.

10) Surgery from Dr Sammy’s notes

11) Pathology from Soames (must cover cysts, odontogenic tumors, and viral, bacterial and fungal diseases)

12) Ortho and radio (properties of x-rays, errors in radiographs are imp topics for radio) just do basics from any good book or your under graduation notes

13)  Perio (Melinda notes or imp chaps from Carranza)

14)  I don’t remember we got any mcqs on implants in our paper.

15)  Do read ADA guidelines for alcohol, smoking, Antibiotics prophylaxis, radiation protection

Follow Decks for Ortho, perio, radio and prostho.

Participate in Fb discussions, try to find reference before u answer. This will help a lot.

No compromise on past papers

& most important Help your fellows appearing with you.

P.S: this is minimum required, prepare well and as much as u can, but be specific and focused in approach. Don,t read what is not expected in exam.

By Dr. Imran Qadir khan

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